Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November Update

Well, it's been approximately four weeks since I finished my diet, and I am happy to report that the weight has stayed off, and I've stayed steady.  The way I approach eating is definitely different, but at Thanksgiving I was able to look at my most favourite dish - the stuffing, and after having eaten enough say to myself, you can have more later. That is HUGE for me.

It's silly that we let the way we look hold us back from things, but I can honestly say I feel healthier, I'm not tired as easily, I don't feel like everyone is looking at me, and I don't judge myself.  I've started KEEPING pictures that people take of me, instead of immediately rejecting them.  Now, it still has to be me accepting myself however I am, but the boost of losing the weight and keeping it off makes it easier to appreciate ME. It's a journey, I keep telling myself that, but the journey is what's important. It's ok to like yourself. It really is.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

And it begins...the rest of your life.

Coming head to head with this diet, some might say that it beat me.  I stopped the diet seven days early as I reached a weight loss goal that I hardly thought was attainable two months ago.  Maybe I'm too eager to let it go - the restricted eating plan eventually got monotonous and cheating a bigger and bigger temptation. But what's important to me right now is the new beginning.  I'm not done with weight loss forever - wouldn't that be nice? But, I am on to a new phase. I want to eat healthily and slowly but surely continue to watch my weight decrease.  I am determined to keep it off, and so...on to healthy eating and a much healthier lifestyle. I know it won't be easy - the leftover Halloween candy is already calling to me from the table, but except for a small tootsie roll, i've been able to ignore it. It's not about being deprived, it's about eating a healthy diet, it's not about stuffing myself, but being satisfied.  I'm feeling shaky, not so brave, like I have a long way to go, but I look forward to the challenge.

I lost 30lbs and at last check 25 inches.

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