Monday, 10 October 2011

Hiatus: Then and Now and Tomorrow

After successfully completing the first phase of this diet, I've been on a short break for my sister's wedding and getting ready to repeat my strict diet plan.  I can't say I am looking super forward to it, I really do enjoy food, but the learning process has to continue.  Bad habits don't seem to be broken in only 23 days - especially during celebration times.  I sure love to snack between meals, keep my tummy full and happy.  I need to continue to work on that, to realize that I will eat again and I will be fine in between meals.  Because of this snacking I am more terrified of the scale.  From the LOOKS of things I have likely put on a pound or two, but, I really want to avoid the emotional response that the scale always brings out.  Nothing like being curled in a corner of the bathroom crying over the oscillating numbers on a scale. Apparently I need to continue to work on the emotional side of things.  It's all a journey, I know that, but it's also nice to know when you've arrived.  As I go on, I am increasingly concerned that I may be on this journey for the rest of my life.  I hope that in the mean time I can do good for others, and stop focusing on me and my weight, and instead move ahead and beyond.  I am now brave enough to post pictures of before and after the first phase.  I am happy with my loss, and I hope it continues.  Buck up - food isn't everything - here's to phase 2. 

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