Thursday, 25 August 2011

Let's be Honest

Today I am more energized about this whole weight loss idea. I finally was able to put my order in, and I am looking toward the future. I've been reading a book lately called, Made to Crave by Lysa Terkheurst, and a chapter called, Made for More really opened my eyes to why I have this eating problem, and I am made for more in life than being a slave to what I eat.  Every time I sit down to a meal, I feel as though I have to eat enough in case I don't get to eat again.  I don't know where I picked that up, but for 99% of the days I've been alive, I've eaten more than once.  

My biggest  excuse to eat is celebrations, but it does seem that I have something to celebrate at every meal, be it that it actually is a party or holiday, or that I feel like I've had a hard day and deserve to eat.  I was talking to my sister the other day, and telling her I didn't know how I would do on the diet during celebration times.  My sister has never had issues with food, and looked at me as if I almost wasn't making sense and said, stick to the diet. People understand when others are trying to eat healthy. It was so simple and logical, and it gave me a huge insight into how my sister approached eating. Instead of being controlled be eating, I want to be able to eat and celebrate in life, but also hold back and not be so out of control. When someone shakes my hand and says "How are you?" instead of being a fraud and answering, "We're great!" I want to mean it.

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