Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day 5: A Celebration of Small Success!

I recently heard some teaching that impacted me. It was about how in life, when you are working hard at something you need to celebrate the small successes, because that gives you the motivation to keep going. A few thoughts occurred to me, the first being how on earth would I celebrate something without eating, and second, how do you notice the small successes and have the creativity to celebrate? 

In thinking about this, I also realized that I don't notice the small successes, because I get so wound up in fear about things. These are things I'm not even comfortable saying out loud because they sound so silly to everyone else who goes through life with a great deal more rationality than I do. But today, I had a small breakthrough.  I was listening to a different teaching, this one dealt with moods, and this person said, the more you entertain thoughts the more they become a part of who you are. That made me stop.  I'm not even sure I heard everything else this woman said, because I realized, THAT IS ME. I take things on, particularly things that I cannot control - I mean come on, it's the perfect worry trap, I get in fear about things that I have both no influence on and no control over, so much so that I make myself sick, and with all clarity these words have helped. The sad part? I am doing it to myself! No wonder I don't know who I am any more, I've allowed fears and worries to imprint themselves over my life and they will take over my existence if I let them.  Interestingly, I thought I was the only one, but about a week ago I read a link that talked about Christian women in particular who are allowing themselves to be ruled by fear.  Well, this is just the greatest scheme the devil has going! Enough, enough, enough!!

So, when that finally dawned on me today, I thought, I need to figure out the small successes, and have those small celebrations! My son went to the bathroom independently today without even telling me he had to.  We CELEBRATED! He received a small package of treats - and he was over the moon.  There is another success that needs to be celebrated today, I'm not sure how, but I know i'll think of something...

It is September 08/11 and I weigh 198lbs- So, celebrate.

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